If you speak English fluently, if you want to embrace a diplomatic career at EU level, if you want to broaden your personal and professional horizons, if you want to become the creator of the reality you choose to experience, and if you feel that you are ready to successfully meet our standards, welcome!

We teach:

1.European Union History

2.MEP Simulation

  • Committee Issues
  • Committee meetings
  • How to draft a resolution
  • Relevant vocabulary and expressions
  • How to make an amendment
  • How to pose open-debate questions
  • How to make a speech for/against
  • How to make an opening speech
  • How to make a closing speech
  • GA simulation

3.Committee President and Presidency training  

4.Applied Psychology – Logic

  • An insight into basic psychology principles
  • Introduction to critical thinking, problem solving
  • Self-confidence
  • Body language
  • Leadership
  • Development of peace-making strategies
  • Attitudes, behavioural patterns, and beliefs towards the achievement of a higher cause
  • Development of techniques to persuasion

5.Code of Honour

6.Academic English

  • Development of debating skills in large international forums
  • Integration of vocabulary in speaking
  • Philosophy
  • Literature

7.Acquaintance with formal environments

  • Dress Code
  • Table Manners
  • Posture
  • Dancing

The training sessions take place twice a month, usually every other Saturday, and run for four months. Each session lasts approximately seven hours and includes two thirty-minute breaks.        

We provide an educational experience which builds relationships among the youth of Europe and we raise political awareness and an understanding of Europe’s cultural identity and diversity.

For the training fees and the cost of the participation in the conventions, you can contact us at  

In order to be able to participate in the sessions of the coming school year, you need to register now.