MEP Sessions

National Sessions

In every country national MEP organisations play a leading role, acting as hosts to an annual national event. As many schools as possible, from different regions, with students from different social backgrounds are invited to join this European project. The National Committees promote the development of the European dimension in new establishments as well as ensure the continuation of European activities. 

Regional Sessions

With more than 30 countries participating in the international sessions more exposure can be given to more delegates from approximately 10 countries only per euroregional session.

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MEP International sessions


Two EU 27+ sessions take place a year in a different European capital. The working language in international sessions is English. Five students are chosen to represent each EU member state, and together they comprise a delegation. Each delegate represents his/her native country in one of ten committees to discuss international issues which appear on the agenda of the European Parliament. The common goal is to find consensus within a committee on the draft of a resolution that is presented to the General Assembly and vigorously defended in the hope of winning majority approval.

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More information on  MEP Europe site for international sessions.