MEP Hellas

About us


The graduation hat symbolises the educational processes through which one learns to observe and think with a view to discovering knowledge. It seals the acquisition of the skills that qualify one to consciously fulfil one’s goals by constantly creating a better version of oneself.


Respect, dignity, integrity, and discipline are the values we stand for, which comprise the Code of Honour of our organisation and are respected by all those who are accepted to become members. We consider ourselves to be an elite organisation and that is why we focus on the quality of our members as people, on the education received, and on how they manage to meet our expectations regarding the programmes initiated and coordinated on foreign territory or in Hellas.

We open new paths in life, we offer opportunities and prospects, we create a mentality and a whole new perception of the world. Everything for the new generation, everything for a secure, stable, and balanced future.


– Teach a code of honour

– Introduce critical thinking, problem solving and logic

– Enhance the English language skills on an academic level

– Teach leadership

– Develop peace-making strategies

– Influence attitudes, behaviours, and beliefs towards the achievement of a higher cause

– Give an insight into basic psychology principles

– Develop techniques to persuasion

– Develop debating skills in large international forums

– Acquaintance with formal environments

– Provide an educational experience which builds relationships among the youth of Europe

– Raise political awareness and an understanding of Europe’s cultural identity and diversity.

In Hellas, the MEP Director is the president of MEP Hellas, an organisation that owns the exclusive activities of the programme in our country in terms of selection, training, and representation of Hellas in international and regional sessions. MEP Hellas is also the only body appointed for the development of the MEP network in our country and for the organisation of national sessions and any other activity or event that is connected to the Model European Parliament programme.