Regional Sessions

MEP Europe is organised into four Euro-regional sections (MEP Baltic Sea Region, MEP Western European Region, MEP Central and South-eastern European Region and the MEP Mediterranean Region) each headed by a regional coordinator.

MEP Europe is organised into four Euro-regional sections each headed by a regional coordinator:

The MEP Baltic Sea Region consists of Estonia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.


The MEP Western European Region consists of Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The MEP Central and South-eastern European Region consists of Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, N. Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

The MEP Mediterranean Region consists of Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Portugal, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey.

The regional sessions are organised only once a calendar year in each of the above-mentioned regions and last five days.

As in the MEP BSR since 2004, Euro regional networking and annual sessions will follow in the other three regions of Europe, opening further opportunities for participation. An MEP Alumni branch will cater for the needs of former participants, offering a whole range of post-MEP activities and events.